Wisdom Teeth Myths You Must Be Aware Of

Everyone is born with at least two sets of molars. These are the teeth at the back of your mouth that help you chew food. However, did you know that the vast majority of people also get a third set of molars? These sets of teeth do not break through the gums until around ages 17 to 25 years old. Third molars are referred to as wisdom teeth since you’re older and deemed wiser by the time they show up.

Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions are afloat regarding wisdom teeth, and some people are wrongly informed about them. Here at Alliance Dental, we have compiled a few myths to help clear out the misunderstandings about wisdom teeth.

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You need to have your wisdom teeth removed

These days, people take good care of their teeth and don’t need new ones to replace them in their late teens or early 20s. From an evolutionary standpoint, wisdom teeth are now unnecessary for a majority of people. This does not necessarily mean that wisdom teeth require removal. If they come in correct alignment and don’t cause trouble, it is alright to leave them be.

Everyone has wisdom teeth 

The truth is, not everyone has third molars. Some people may only have a partial set, without having one in each quadrant of the mouth. Surprisingly, there are even a few people who have no wisdom teeth at all! Nevertheless, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions that you don’t have wisdom teeth because they don’t show up. They may still be there, but they do not erupt through the gums. They may also cause problems for you.

It is alright to smoke and drink alcohol after extracting wisdom teeth

Smoking and drinking alcohol after extractions can cause you extreme pain as these raise the risk of dislodging the blood clot in the extraction site. After the extraction, it is important that the clots stay intact, or else a painful infection may form called dry sockets.

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