The Essential Facts You Must Know About TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a medical condition currently affecting around 10 million to 35 million Americans nationwide. A TMJ disorder refers to a variety of conditions that affect temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles, as well as facial nerves. TMJ disorder brings chronic facial pain that may interfere with your daily activities. Surprisingly, there isn’t more information on this condition even when there are so many adults suffering from it. 

TMJ disorder


Here at Alliance Dental, we provide treatment for TMJ disorders for our patients who have this medical condition. We have also compiled some facts to share with you to combat the lack of public awareness about this condition. Read on to know that these facts are!

Lifestyle choices usually cause TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder does not refer to a single ailment but serves as an umbrella term. This term diagnoses any variety of pain affiliated with the joints and muscles that connect the mandible to the skull and move the jaw. These are known as the muscles of mastication and temporomandibular joints. Since the definition is broad, a majority of professionals disagree on proper treatment and the likely causes of TMJ disorder. 

TMJ Disorder is usually caused by lifestyle choices 

Since the prevalence of TMJ disorder is so widespread, people assume that there is a thorough understanding of how it develops. Sadly, there is not enough evidence to pinpoint TMJ disorders to an exact source. In fact, it is rare to find two professionals who firmly agree on the root cause of this condition. However, most professionals certify that both genetic and behavioral factors cause the onset of TMJ disorder. Recent studies show that nearly 85% of all TMJ disorder cases were acquired, with only 15% resulting from genetic factors. Thus, TMJ disorder relies mostly on the particular elements of your lifestyle choices. 

TMJ Disorder get worse when you smoke

If you have a smoking habit, we have another reason for you to quit. Smokers are more prone to the effects of TMJ disorder compared to individuals who do not use tobacco products. Additionally, those who currently suffer from TMJ disorder have a higher degree of pain compared to those who don’t. 


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