What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Oral Health – Fort Myers, FL

According to a study, one of the most unmet necessities of children is their dental health care needs (Newacheck et al.). The most popular justification for this is the prevalence of dental problems caused by tooth decay to children’s teeth. Nowadays, tooth decay ranks as the most common chronic childhood disease which affects many kids and adolescents.

It is essential to start oral regimen as early as possible to avoid unwanted dental issues. However, kids are kids. Parents must be good role models and enlighten their kids about the importance of maintaining optimum oral health. No need to worry too much; Alliance Dental provides a wide variety of pediatric dentistry services to keep children’s dental health in excellent condition. We offer preventive fluoride treatments, protective dental sealants, tooth-colored composite fillings, and emergency dentistry.


Pediatric Dentistry


Want to deepen your understanding regarding your child’s oral health? Here are some facts and tips that may be of help to you – parents and guardians.


Quick Facts About Your Kid’s Dental Health

  • Like the fingerprints, no two people share the same tongue and teeth structure – not even twins!
  • A person grows two sets of teeth. The first to erupt are called the baby teeth. Children will most likely to shed off their baby teeth at the age of 6 to 7 years old, and the permanent adult teeth would replace it.
  • Cheese and other dairy products contain calcium which helps in remineralizing the teeth enamel. Aside from that, cheese also aids in the prevention of tooth decay, reduction of acid in the mouth, production of saliva and promotion of healthier teeth.
  • According to a study conducted by Phipps and Ricks, preschool-aged Native American children experience more cases of tooth decay than white kids.
  • Did you know that not all fruit juices and healthy beverages are actually healthy? It was found out that these drinks contain sugar that may cause tooth decay. It would be better to let kids consume milk and water instead.
  • Dental plaques are composed of more than 300 types of bacteria.


Dental Health Tips

  • Never forget to brush the teeth two times every day.
  • Rinse the mouth with water after eating tooth-staining and cavity-causing foods.
  • Floss the teeth daily.
  • For infants, parents must clean their baby’s gums using a damp infant cloth, especially after feeding them. It helps clean the gums, remove harmful substances, and stimulate the gum tissue.
  • Assist your children with their regular dental visits. Dentists will check the kid’s teeth for tooth decays and detect arising oral health issues.


Never be too lenient with your child’s oral health. Let our team help in maintaining you and your child’s dental health. Contact us at Alliance Dental for comfortable and child-friendly Pediatric Dentistry Services in Fort Myers, FL.