The Truth About Tooth Decay and How It Can Be Prevented – Fort Myers, FL

The human body is made up of many bacterias that are harmless; some even are valuable. However, there are those that can cause diseases like cavities and gum disease. Although they are minuscule, they can be the source of large complications due to their number. The mouth alone is estimated to have 300 species of bacteria which may total up to a billion or even more!

Other than the surprising number of bacteria, know what else is frightening? They are living things that can grow, move, reproduce, eat, and even release waste! That is how bacterias cause cavities, they feeding on the same foods and beverages people consume then discharge their debris in the form of a plaque. As plaque coats the teeth, it would eventually produce acids that could wear down the enamel gradually. If the unwanted particle is left unattended, it could also form near the gums. Its contact with the gums increases the patient’s risk of developing gingivitis which is the earliest stage of gum disease. If professional assistance is still not acquired, it could worsen and lead to the advanced stage of the disease that can result in other complications like tooth loss.

Fortunately, the adverse effects of cavity-causing bacterias can be managed by practicing proper dental habits. As we at Alliance Dental are committed to helping our patients in any way that we can, here are some tips to treat and prevent cavities or tooth decay!


Dental Checkup


Daily Cavity Prevention Tips

  • Brush the teeth at least two times a day for two minutes. It is best performed after waking up in the morning, during meals, and before going to bed, using fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Aside from brushing, patients should also observe proper flossing techniques to get rid of harmful particles between teeth effectively.
  • Rinsing with a fluoridated mouthwash offers an overall clean for the mouth. There are even products which have antiseptic properties that kill bacteria.
  • It is best to avoid foods and beverages that are sugary, acidic, sticky, and starchy. Consider a diet that is both body and mouth friendly.
  • Seek professional assistance! Schedule regular dental checkups and cleaning every six months and consider general dental care services. This branch of dentistry consists of various treatments and procedures to combat tooth decay.


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