Fighting Teeth Sensitivity After Professional Teeth Whitening in Fort Myers, FL

Safe, effective, and instant result – you can expect all these with professional teeth whitening treatment. But aside from these three, there’s another concern that you may deal with after receiving the said procedure: teeth sensitivity. The main ingredient of the whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, is to blame for this occurrence. Nevertheless, you can always minimize the unpleasant sensation by following the tips that we at Alliance Dental listed below.


Teeth Whitening


Practices To Combat Teeth Sensitivity

Brush Well

By brushing correctly, we mean that you should use the right tools, products, and techniques. Scrubbing your already sensitive teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush can make the issue even worse. Instead of using toothpaste with abrasive properties, prefer those with fluoride content instead. You can also ask the dentist for a desensitizing oral care product. Remember to brush your teeth as gentle as possible.

Choose the right food and drinks

Some food and beverages may not be very beneficial for the teeth. Soda, for example, can erode the outer layer of the pearly whites which in turn may lead to teeth sensitivity. Although drinking a cup of coffee can boost your morning, it is better if you minimize your consumption of this liquid as it contains acid as well.


Home Remedies

Salt water Rinse

The famous salt and water mixture is a common remedy for people who suffer from oral discomfort, including teeth sensitivity. This solution is known to alleviate pain. For it to work, you need to use the homemade rinse at least three times a day.

Clove Oil

Another natural way to cure teeth sensitivity is by applying clove oil to the affected areas. It is also believed that this remedy can strengthen the teeth, counter bad breath, and even disinfect the mouth.

Professional teeth whitening may have a side effect, but teeth sensitivity cannot subdue the results you can get from the treatment.


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