Concerned about Your Smile Aesthetic? Consider Six Month Smiles! – Fort Myers, FL

As they say “the best things in life are free,” that is why it is essential for everyone to live life to the fullest! Unfortunately, some people are restricting themselves to spend their time with family and friends. Why? Because they are worried about being embarrassed if others would notice their poorly aligned teeth. Fortunately, we at Alliance Dental happen to have the perfect solution, Six Month Smiles!

Six Month Smiles is a type of short-term orthodontic treatment that is mainly focused on correcting the position of the front teeth to achieve better aesthetics. Like the traditional approach in teeth straightening, it also uses the same components. But instead of metal, clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are utilized.


Perfect Teeth


Why Choose Six Month Smiles?

Aside from providing a more inconspicuous approach, here are the other reasons why patients who aim to improve their smiles should consider Six Month Smiles.

  • The treatment lives up to its name; patients can expect to get the results in an average of six months.
  • Processes involved are customized per patient. The devices to use are sent by kits that are created by technicians who based the model from the treatment plan formulated by the dentist. It results in quick and comfortable appointments.
  • Since the average treatment time is six months, patients can expect lesser dental visits.
  • Patients 16 years and older can avail of the orthodontic procedure.
  • Despite the fast results, patients are assured that there is not much discomfort involved. The orthodontic appliance delivers a continuous yet controlled force for a more comfortable experience.


Quick FAQs

How does the procedure work so fast?

As mentioned above, the primary concern of the treatment is the cosmetic issues of the teeth. The quickness of the procedure is due to the focus on the teeth that show the most when smiling. Instead of moving all the teeth, only the front teeth are properly positioned.

Is there any risk of complications?

Although the treatment moves the teeth faster, patients are assured that their teeth will not be compromised during their orthodontic journey.

What’s so special about the brackets and wires?

Brackets are not only clear but smaller as well for a virtually invisible appliance. The tooth-colored archwires are shape-memory that moves the teeth faster than the conventional material used.


The road to straighter, healthier teeth begins with an initial consultation. If you’re looking for Six Month Smiles in Fort Myers, FL, contact us at Alliance Dental to get started!